Phytotherapy and our news in the field of holistic medicine

Članci, Novosti 3. априла, 2017

Alternative, holistic or complementary medicine?

Different terms, but in fact hiding the same. The demand for these non-classical medicine procedures is increasing. For example, traditional Chinese medicine helps in the treatment of infertility for more than 4,000 years. Recent surveys show that the likelihood of pregnancy doubled in woman, who use traditional Chinese medicine. We can confirm that even with our clients is gaining more and more popularity.

When to use these procedures?

Sometimes clients want to try these methods right from the beginning of their treatment, sometimes they require these methods in case of recurrent pregnancy losses, repeated problems with embryo implantation or in case of low endometrium.

Thanks to these non-classical medicine REPROMEDA helped to conceive the pregnancy in women, where standard methods failed. This was the reason why we decided to extend our offer with these methods for our patients

These methods are safe, effective and we are recording only benefits within the treatment. The only disadvantage with phytotherapy is the length of the herbal cure. This cure must be performed at least 3-6 months before the next step (embryotransfer or IVF cycle) may follow.

And what’s next?

You can look forward to more articles about these methods and their benefits and how they are applied in practice.  We will introduce you very soon the BioResonance Therapy with the BICOM device.